Our Story

The identity of Transporteurs-Unis over time

It was in 1987 that Transporteurs-Unis took shape. Mr. André Dubuc, our founder, was then a 15 years experienced owner-operator who criss-crossed Canada and the United States with his truck and flatbed trailer. Traveling thousands of miles and always on the lookout, he always delivered on time, planned for the unpredictable and stood out for his leadership. Continually in contact with his fellow truckers, he began to recruit them and form them into a successful team for his clients.

After more than 2,500,000 km traveled as a driver, Mr. Dubuc traded his steering wheel for an office, and dedicate himself to complex quotes and dispatch of loads. From then on, he put his experience in oversize loads to good use. His entourage of owner-operators, both competent and passionate, gave him the flexibility and the assurance of a job well done, every time.

The use of owner-operators remains an important asset for the company to this day. Each partner contributes to the success of Transporteurs-Unis, which continues to distinguish itself by the level of expertise of its team and its owner-operators.

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"Thank you for your trust!"
  - André Dubuc, Founder and Director of Operations
Looking forward to serving you. Thanks for choosing Trans-Unis !
  - Jonathan Capolupo, PFF, CCS, President taking over the company

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